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Authors with Twenty (or more) Approved TF Cases
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ContributorTF Cases Completed - width of dark bar is ten (10) cases
Chief EditorCase List961 Cases
Goldstein, Steven Case List936 Cases
USU Teaching File, MS-4 Case List513 Cases
Learning File - © ACR, Ultrasound Case List292 Cases
Learning File - © ACR, Gastrointestinal Case List223 Cases
Learning File - © ACR, Neuroradiology Case List205 Cases
Music, Stephen Case List119 Cases
Patterson, Russell Case List110 Cases
Travis, Mark Case List102 Cases
Schroeder, Jason Case List92 Cases
Dainer, Hugh Case List85 Cases
Lange, Nicholas Case List83 Cases
McFarland, Joel Case List82 Cases
Reiter, Michael Case List81 Cases
Sellers, Andrew Case List81 Cases
Grimson, James Case List78 Cases
Riego de Dios, Rick Case List78 Cases
Rexroad, Jason Case List77 Cases
Huppmann, Michael Case List76 Cases
Michaud, Paul Case List73 Cases
Kao, Steve Case List70 Cases
Kang, Pil Case List70 Cases
Cunningham, Paul Case List70 Cases
Spencer, George Case List70 Cases
Vaidya, Neel Case List69 Cases
Modzelewski, Laura Case List69 Cases
Alewine, Thomas Case List68 Cases
Long, Jeremiah Case List66 Cases
brixey, clark Case List66 Cases
McCarthy, Kevin Case List66 Cases
Vangeertruyden, Peter Case List64 Cases
Mullins, Andrew Case List64 Cases
Chen, Chun Case List64 Cases
Krueger, William Case List63 Cases
Moloney, Daniel Case List63 Cases
McKee, James Case List62 Cases
Borgeson, Dana Case List62 Cases
Liotta, Robert Case List61 Cases
Bergman, Erik Case List61 Cases
Hoffman, Matthew Case List61 Cases
Cho, Aaron Case List59 Cases
Alikhan, Mustafa Case List59 Cases
Richard, Glenn Case List57 Cases
Hirsch, Jeffrey Case List56 Cases
Smietana, Eva Case List56 Cases
Storm, Erik Case List56 Cases
Kosut, Shephard Case List55 Cases
Kocher, Brad Case List54 Cases
Nickens, Caitlin Case List53 Cases
Morton, Mark Case List53 Cases
Stinson, Darryl Case List52 Cases
Moser, III, Richard Case List52 Cases
Escobar, Eduardo Case List52 Cases
Walden, Michael Case List52 Cases
Hall, Gregory Case List52 Cases
O'Brien, Seth Case List52 Cases
Graf, William Case List52 Cases
Krumreich, Julie Case List51 Cases
Yasmer, John Case List51 Cases
Shogan, Paul Case List50 Cases
Doherty, Brendan Case List50 Cases
Craig, Karen Case List49 Cases
Foster, Stephen Case List49 Cases
Baker, Reginald Case List48 Cases
Brandon, Fred Case List47 Cases
Bennett, Christopher Case List46 Cases
Bernard, Jacqueline Case List45 Cases
Bonavia, Grant Case List45 Cases
Fogarty, Brian Case List45 Cases
Hash, Tom Case List43 Cases
DeLonga, David Case List42 Cases
Murphy, M.D., MPH, Frances Case List41 Cases
Quarles, Christopher Case List40 Cases
Alexander, Zachary Case List40 Cases
Cowen, Carl Case List40 Cases
Smith, Dakota Case List39 Cases
Chu, Lily Case List38 Cases
Mauldin, Jeremy Case List37 Cases
Afiesimama, Boma Case List37 Cases
Cirivello, Michael Case List36 Cases
Singleton, Brian Case List36 Cases
Smith, Alice Case List35 Cases
Jannotta, M.D., David Case List35 Cases
Olszewski, Mariusz Case List35 Cases
Peterson, P. Gabriel Case List34 Cases
Taylor, Aaron Case List33 Cases
Curran, Valentine Case List32 Cases
Twede, James Case List31 Cases
Terhaar, Kenneth Case List30 Cases
Libby, Brent Case List30 Cases
Whitworth, Scott Case List30 Cases
Brown, Christin Case List30 Cases
Resident, Anonymous Case List30 Cases
Bernard, Stephanie Case List29 Cases
Galifianakis, Alex Case List29 Cases
Pickard, Ralph Case List29 Cases
Matthews, Karen Case List27 Cases
Sanghi, Amit Case List27 Cases
Broussard, Erica Case List27 Cases
Eberle, Thomas Case List26 Cases
Probst, Joseph Case List26 Cases
boodoo, roger Case List26 Cases
Jesinger M.D., Robert Case List26 Cases
Chang, James Case List26 Cases
Banks, Kevin Case List26 Cases
Hwang, William Case List25 Cases
Nikosvougiouklis, nikolaos Case List25 Cases
Spurling, Gregory Case List25 Cases
Bigelow, David Case List24 Cases
Trivax M.D., Cory Case List24 Cases
Smith, J. Keith Case List24 Cases
Heltzel, David Case List24 Cases
Mercanti, William Case List24 Cases
Papageorgiou, Ioannis Case List23 Cases
Krasnokutsky, Michael Case List23 Cases
Smirniotopoulos, M.D., James Case List23 Cases
Odone MD, James Case List23 Cases
Shaw, David Case List23 Cases
Gould, Charles Case List22 Cases
Jack, Hayden Case List21 Cases
Biega, Timothy Case List21 Cases
Wirt, Michael Case List20 Cases
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