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Axial T1W Gd Enhanced MR Axial CT

WHO Grade II - III

Cell of Origin: ASTROCYTE (subpial?)


Common Locations: cerebral hemispheres, usually superficial, often temporal

Demographics: children and young adults

Histology: A frightening mixture of unusually pleomorphic cells, ranging from fibrillary to bizarre giant multinucleated cells with intracellular lipid vacuoles ("xanthoma" cells).

Special Stains: GFAP positive

Progression : may progress in some cases to Grade III (anaplastic) or even Grade IV (GBM)

Radiology: Usually a large hemispheric mass, closely related to the cerebral surface. May have a disturbingly heterogeneous appearance with cyst formation, variable calcification, and prominent enhancement. The superficial location and presentation in childhood are the most helpful features. Dural involvement and a "dural tail" are possible